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Meet the Staff

Eppleworth employs four dedicated staff members who develop and implement the educational programming designed to meet the individual needs of our participants.

Program Coordinators

Lynda Charters, Program Manager

Lynda Charters,
Program Manager

Heidi Bremner, Senior Program Coordinator

Heidi Bremner,
Senior Program Coordinator

Marcy D’Atri, Program Coordinator

Marcy D’Atri,
Program Coordinator

Tina Costa, Program Coordinator

Tina Costa,
Program Coordinator

Special Contributors

Eppleworth is fortunate to have the support and participation of parents, volunteers and cooperative students. The efforts and dedication of these individuals aid in the continued success of our program.

Special Contributors

Carol and Jim are our wonderful volunteers. As a retired teacher, Carol has reconnected with participants who were some of her students when they were in school. She joins us weekly to assist with various programs. Her many talents are proving invaluable in enhancing our programming


Jim is our music volunteer whose guitar playing is a joy to all.  The participants are thrilled to sing with Jim every week and his contribution to the program is greatly valued.


Sensei Wil, Paul and Rhonda are facilitators who join us regularly to lead us in exciting programs.


Sensei Wil and his assistants (Shayne and Kate) come to us from JKA Toronto to lead our monthly Karate sessions.


Paul is our yoga instructor who joins us twice a month for some meditation, relaxation and stretching.


Rhonda comes to us from Rhythmic by Nature to lead our monthly drumming session.

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