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Our History

It is the mandate of Eppleworth to promote the education of its members through encouragement of sound practices in education, life skills, cooperation, physical fitness, and community experiences.


It is the mission of Eppleworth to continually ensure a safe and reliable environment for the growth and enjoyment of its participants.


Eppleworth is a not-for-profit charitable organization that provides day support to adults with developmental disabilities. Established by a group of caring and determined parents, Eppleworth is celebrating 26 years of supportive, creative and effective programming.

Through hard work and dedication, Eppleworth has achieved several successes over the years that enable the program to continue with each passing year. Eppleworth was granted limited funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services in 2002 and continues to receive funding each year. In 2004 Eppleworth became a registered charity. Charitable status is very important to our organization because a large amount of Eppleworth funding is generated by fundraising events and the generous donations received from individual and corporate sponsors.


Each year the success of our Annual Gala coupled with the gifts of donors have allowed for the continuation and strengthening of our program. No obstacle has been more threatening to Eppleworth than lack of funds, but we’re proud to say that we grow more efficient as we overcome each challenge.

Eppleworth is unique in many ways. We are a small organization that is supported by qualified and compassionate staff, motivated parents, long standing volunteers, and eager cooperative students.


A team of such diversity allows for appropriate programming, accountability, a caring environment, and most importantly the profound positive impact made on the lives of each participant.

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